Chris A. Smith is an award-winning magazine writer, photographer, and college instructor who has worked in the Middle East, Africa, the Caucasus, and the US. He has written for the likes of Afar, The American Prospect, California, Slate, Utne Reader, San Francisco, and Mother He majored in English at UNC Chapel Hill, got a Master's in Journalism at UC Berkeley, and for a decade taught various journalism and politics classes at the Art Institute of California-San Francisco and at San Francisco State University. After growing up in the Detroit area, he did stints in Telluride, Chicago, Cairo, and Johannesburg before coming to rest in San Francisco. He is a surfer, longtime punk/metal guy, and cat person. His Twitter feed is here.



-Humanities Capstone

-World Conflict

-Protest Movements

-Government and Politics

-Three Views of Modern Africa: Egypt, South Africa, and Zambia