* Intersecting lives: Dennis Wilson and Charles Manson
What happened when a Beach Boy met America's most dangerous hippie cult leader.

* Barry McGee
The San Francisco artist talks graffiti, aging, surfing, and the aesthetic appeal of garbage.

* We're a Zambian Band
The globalizing forces that brought the ideas of Marx and Fanon to inland Africa also brought the sounds of the British Invasion. To young Zambians, the Fender Stratocaster was the sound of modernity.

* Searching for Jagari
We were in the lobby, lingering over breakfast. “Not to be nosy,” the worker said. “But I saw your map. Are you here in search of gems?”

* Rules of the Tribe: Hardcore Punks and Hair Metal in the 1980s
In 1986, the English punk band Discharge toured the U.S. with a new, glammier style and spandex pants. The fans hated it so much that their disastrous show in San Francisco left the lead singer in tears. But was it their fault—or the fault of an audience that wanted punk trapped in amber?

* Radio Freedom: A History of South African Underground Radio
At seven p.m. sharp, seven nights a week, during the darkest days of apartheid, an incendiary radio broadcast beamed out from Lusaka, Zambia. It began with the clack of machine-gun fire, followed by a familiar call-and-response: Amandla Ngawethu! “Power to the People!”

* Ask Me About Psych Rock in Zambia
An illustrated profile of Keith Kabwe, Zambian anti-colonial freedom fighter, mine worker, rock star, and, finally, man of the lord.

* Up from the Underground
Jagari once sang for his supper as the star of one of Zambia's most famous rock bands--now he is a miner digging for his dinner.

* Salad Days
When I was a teenager in the 1980s, I sang in a hardcore band.

* Mix Tape
Every month, I’d stuff a few dollars into an envelope and send off for whatever sounded most interesting: a thrash band from Sweden, maybe, offering a demo with 57 tracks in 42 minutes, or some teenagers in Peoria who wrote songs about cow-tipping. (.pdf)

* Intellectual Action Hero
The political fictions of Eugene Burdick.

* Strange Renderings
The secret geographies of Trevor Paglen.

* Headbanging Makes Headway
Bay Area metal is back in the saddle again, as Oakland's High on Fire looks to light it up. (see pg. 52)

* Is Steve Jobs God?
Who is this guy, really? Brilliant businessman, total jerk, secular deity? After reading all the books of Jobs, including a new biography, we think we've come up with the clearest picture yet.

* Victory
There's something special about an underground show.

* Jimi Hendrix, Musical Esperanto
I’m not sure exactly when I first heard a musician from some far-flung spot on the globe described as the “Jimi Hendrix of [insert place name here].”