* Coded and Loaded
How politicians talk about race and gender without really talking about race and gender, from Nixon to Trump.

* Angels, Protesters and Patriots
What a long-ago biker riot says about our love of country.

* Visit Palestine
How a Palestine tourism poster, designed by a Jewish artist in the 1930s, became a symbol of Palestinian resistance.

* Into the Deep Freeze
What kind of person chooses to get cryonically preserved? (This won a CASE "Bronze" award for feature writing.)

* The Dragon and the Dome
How a ghettoized minority cracked the San Francisco establishment--and then became it.

* Economic Leverage
In April 1985 a few dozen anti-apartheid students launched a sit-in at the entrance to Berkeley’s Sproul Hall. A banner above the steps spelled out their demand: END UC TIES TO APARTHEID. CALL TO DIVEST

* An Asteroid Wiped Out the Dinosaurs—Will We Be Next?
At some point, an asteroid measured better in miles than feet will come for us all.

* Bummer Beach
Vinod Khosla bought the land abutting a popular surfing cove. Then he boxed the surfers out. The craziest thing? He might get away with it.

* US government advice to soldiers headed to Syria--circa 1942
Sometimes the War Department guidebook displayed an Orientalist flair, reporting on Syrian knife-wielding skills and waxing romantic about the "desert folk that give flavor to the land." Mostly, though, it stuck to practicalities--don’t eat with your left hand, don’t stare at the women, try to speak some Arabic.

* "But He's Not a Politician!"
Mayor Ed Lee wasn't supposed to be a polarizing political figure. Then the economy went berserk, and the old San Francisco fault lines cracked wide open.

* Poverty is Making Kids Sick
Or so argues Nadine Burke Harris. And the rest of the medical establishment is beginning to listen.

* Famous Enough
The minor celebrity of Rod Benson, arguably the best known pro basketball player to have never played in the NBA. (This story won a CASE "Bronze" award for 2013.)

* Rose Pak is Winning
For the first time in San Francisco history, the halls of power are dominated by Asian-American leaders, and many of them have one brilliant, tireless, and, according to her enemies, unscrupulous woman to thank.

* Housing a Movement
Squatter activist Steve DeCaprio's fight for housing justice (condensed version for Utne Reader)
Original version (.pdf) for California Northern.

* His Truth is Marching On
Rousas John Rushdoony and the rise of the Christian conservatives. (This story won a CASE "Gold" award for 2013.)

* The Kid's Got Guts
Theo Ellington is emerging as one of the millennial generation’s most potent political voices--and, insiders say, a rising citywide leader.

* PR-Occupied Berkeley
The Israeli/Palestine conflict plays out on campus as a war for public perception.

* Death to the Penalty
A new court case could put a period on the ultimate sentence.

* On the Block
A pilot program in Oakland, California, combines community policing with social services and gets at-risk young men off the street.

* The New Face of South Africa
Born free, South Africa's first post-apartheid generation asks, what's next?

* Generation Politics
The Tea Party gets all the press, but the Millennials are the future.

* Who's Your Mayor?
With Gavin Newsom becoming either lieutenant governor or a lame duck, a decade's worth of pent-up ambition is rushing the stage. Is this--for better or worse--the progressive bloc's chance to run San Francisco?

* Danger Ahead
San Francisco can justifiably claim that when it comes to reducing greenhouse gases, no major American city is doing better. But all that really means is that we're failing less badly than anybody else.

* DNA's Identity Crisis
If defense attorney Bicka Barlow and a growing group of skeptical lawyers and scientists are right, we have built our justice system's use of DNA evidence on statistical sand. (.pdf)

* Lighting Up Soweto
Guerrilla technicians challenge the privatization of South Africa's public resources.

* A Flood of Disappointment
A scheme to build dams in the Lesotho Highlands is watering South Africa's thirsty cities while making beggars of the region's already impoverished residents.

* A Violent Cease-fire
In Gaza, truce has little impact for Palestinians defending homes.